Catapult Four Tutorial

Hello there fellow maker! We hope you enjoy building and playing the Catapult Four as much as we do!

A few tips before we get started:

  1.  You will need a hot glue gun to assemble the Catapult Four. Hot glue guns can be over 400 degrees F, they should only be handled by adults.
  2. The Catapult Four has projectiles and small parts, it should not be used by children under 7.
  3. The kit includes a towel, place it in water to expand, you can use it to wipe the edges of the cutout pieces.:

4. Have fun! The video below was made by the father who designed this toy, originally for his daughter, now for everyone! We recommend watching the video once all the way through, and follow along the second time.

We have added english subtitles, but feel free to email us at if you need assistance.